Mysterious Purple Vapor in Portland Sky

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Mysterious Purple Vapor in Portland Sky

Ecomaine Waste Energy Plant Claims Burning Iodine as the Cause

Maine residents were shocked and outraged by a mysterious purple vapor that filled the sky in Portland on Thursday and Friday. The vapor, which many called potentially hazardous pollution fit for a supernatural horror story, was first spotted billowing from the smokestack at the Ecomaine waste energy plant on Thursday morning.

According to reports, the magenta vapor was likely caused by burning iodine. Ecomaine claimed that the purple pollution, which can cause health problems, was halted within hours. However, it reappeared on Friday.

Kevin Roche, CEO of Ecomaine, said on Thursday that the incident was probably caused by a larger than normal amount of iodine present in the waste stream all at once. “Fortunately, our plant employees were able to correct the situation in 2 ½ hours and get the plant back to normal operations,” he said.

Mysterious Purple Vapor Fills the Sky in Portland

Ecomaine also released a statement saying that while vaporized iodine can pose health risks if directly inhaled, it is very unlikely anyone had direct exposure due to the relatively short time the incident occurred and its location.

Iodine vapor can be an irritant and may cause stomach pain if it’s inhaled or comes in contact with a person’s skin, according to the CDC. Long-term exposure could lead to insomnia, inflammation of the eyes and nose, bronchitis, tremors, rapid heartbeat, diarrhea, and weight loss.


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