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Lufthansa Grounds All Flights Due to Global System Failure

February 15, 2023        Mary Scott        4534

Lufthansa Grounds All Flights Due to Global System Failure

Lufthansa, the leading German airline, is currently facing a global system failure that has caused chaos in the skies. As a result of the system failure, Lufthansa has grounded all of its flights, and planes are being diverted away from Frankfurt, the airline’s main hub.

Passengers are facing significant delays and cancellations, and Lufthansa has advised all passengers to check the status of their flights before heading to the airport. The system failure has also affected the airline’s website and mobile app, making it difficult for passengers to access up-to-date information.

This is not the first time Lufthansa has experienced a system failure, but the current outage appears to be more extensive than previous incidents. Lufthansa’s IT teams are working around the clock to resolve the issue and get flights back in the air, but there is no estimated time for when the system will be fully operational again.

Chaos in the Skies as Lufthansa Grounds All Flights due to System Failure

In the meantime, passengers are advised to keep an eye on the airline’s website and social media channels for updates and to contact Lufthansa customer service for assistance.

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