Deadly Attack on Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Tehran

January 27, 2023        Doris J. Tremaine        1677

A Gunman’s Deadly Attack on Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Tehran

A gunman entered Azerbaijan’s embassy in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Friday and killed one person. The foreign ministries of Iran and Azerbaijan have confirmed the attack in separate statements, with both citing different motives. The Azerbaijani government has said that the attacker was a terrorist, while the Iranian government has stated that the attacker was a disgruntled individual.

Tragic Event Reminder of the Importance of Diplomatic Relations

Regardless of the motives, this tragic event serves as a reminder of the importance of diplomatic relations and the need for countries to work together to ensure the safety and security of their citizens.

Police and security forces arrested the assailant, who is now under investigation, according to the Iranian Foreign Ministry.



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