Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem Attacked by Israeli Extremists

February 2, 2023        Doris J. Tremaine        2582

Israeli Extremists Attack Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem

The Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem was targeted in a violent attack by Israeli extremists, leading to growing concerns about the rising number of assaults on Christian sites in East Jerusalem in recent months. This latest incident is a deeply concerning development, and Christians in the region are understandably feeling vulnerable and at risk.

Christians Report Rising Attacks by Extremists in East Jerusalem

The Armenian Patriarchate has been a symbol of the Armenian community’s history and cultural identity for centuries, and these types of attacks threaten to erase that heritage and erase the memories of generations of people. The international community must come together to condemn this violence and work to protect the religious sites and communities in the region.


Jerusalem, Israel,

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