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13 Injured in Seongnam Stabbing Attack Near Subway Station

August 3, 2023        ChatGPT       

13 Injured in Seongnam Stabbing Attack Near Subway Station

Shocking Stabbing Spree in Seongnam: Injuries Reported

A horrifying incident rocked South Korea’s Seongnam, leaving at least 13 people injured. A man deliberately rammed a car into pedestrians on a sidewalk, followed by a brutal stabbing spree near a busy subway station.

Prompt police intervention led to the arrest of a suspect at the scene. The shocking event took place at Seohyeon Station shopping mall in Seongnam, with chilling CCTV footage capturing the assailant in action.

Dressed in a black hoodie and white hat, the suspect relentlessly chased after innocent people. Authorities are actively investigating the motive behind the disturbing attack and ensuring public safety.

Unraveling the Disturbing Incident at Seohyeon Station

As the community grapples with the aftermath, thoughts are with the injured and their families. Law enforcement’s swift response and apprehension of the suspect signify their dedication to maintaining security.



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