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Category: U.S.

Pro-Palestine protesters occupy Manhattan Bridge in New York City

Pro-Palestine protesters are occupying and shutting down the Manhattan Bridge in New York City, demanding a permanent end to all US military aid to Israel.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping May Skip G20 Summit in Delhi

Sources indicate that Chinese President Xi Jinping is likely to skip the G20 summit in Delhi next week.

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False Active Shooter Alert at Pepperdine University Calabasas Campus

Pepperdine University community receives false active shooter alert at Calabasas Campus. Message sent in error, no active shooter present.

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Hurricane Idalia: Category 4 Threat Looms, Catastrophic Surge Expected

 A critical update on Hurricane Idalia reveals alarming predictions, with expectations of it intensifying to a Category 4 hurricane with wind speeds of 130 mph upon landfall.

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Two Ukrainian MiG-29 Fighters Collide and Crash in Air Over Zhytomyr

Two Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jets collided and crashed in the air over Zhytomyr, Ukraine. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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