Different Types of BUSINESS LOAN

Different Types of BUSINESS LOAN

If you are preparing to start a business, or if you have started one but have fallen on tough times, you might be exploring getting a business loan. If your business has a few years of strong financial transactions under your business bank account or if you have a strong enough personal credit tale you shouldn’t have a problem getting a loan.

But for most business owners, arranging a loan is not the difficult part, nor is it the part that needs the most foresight. Instead, business owners need to consider the right type as well as the right goals for getting a business loan.

“Either you are struggling or expanding, business loan could help you to achieve your next goal in business.”

Business loans may also be categorized on the following heads:

  1. Commercial Business Lending
  2. Business Line of Credit
  3. SBA Loans
  4. Merchant Cash Advance
  5. Equipment Financing
  6. Unsecured Business Loans
  7. Unpaid Invoice Loan
  8. Account receivable loan

Commercial Business Loans

The term “commercial loan” and “commercial finance” includes loans secured by owner’s or business property, machinery or any other assets. It is typically used to fund major capital expenditures or cover operational costs.  This is a very good option for people having a good piece of land or set of assets to guarantee for the loan. Also, has a risk of seizing the assets in case of no repayments.

Let walk in through the various available commercial real estate loans available online

Fundera Real Estate Loan

With terms from 3 to 18 months, short-term commercial loans work well for business owners who have a small one-time expense, an emergency, or an unexpected business opportunity.


Merchant Cash Advance 360

Your business should be at least 1 year old and generating $50,000 in annual revenues.


Commercial Real Estate Loans and Mortgages

Commercial loans from the nation’s leading online provider of commercial mortgages. Commercial real estate loans with 30 year terms available


Line of Credit For Business

A business line of credit can be obtained from a financial institution including Merchant Cash Advance 360 so your business can borrow money as it needs to for working capital, cash flow, and other needs.

Like a personal line of credit, its an arrangement between a lending company and a business borrowing money.  Funding company opens a line of credit and gives a maximum loan balance for the borrow to pull funds from.

Top 3 Business Line of Credit Available Online

Blue Vine

Get Approved for a Revolving Credit Line up to $250,000 in as little as 10 min. See Offers w/o Affecting Your Credit Score. You Won’t Pay a Cent Until You Use Your Line. No Prepayment Penalties. Pay for Only What You Use. Must Have Biz Bank Acct. No Start-Ups.


Merchant Cash Advance 360

Up to $5 Million with No Minimum Credit Score. Choose a Business Line of Credit! Simple Line Of Credit Plans | Expert Reviews | Online Loans | Low Rates | 24hr Approval. Absolutely Free to Apply. Low Monthly Payments. Fast & Easy Process. Free Business Content. Unbiased Expert Advice.


Funding Hero

Apply For Business Line Of Credit. Get Lowest Rates & Grow Your Business Today! No Collateral Needed. Low Interest Rates. Min 6+ Months in Business. Min. $5K Monthly Revenue. Loan Term Up To 5 Years. Approval Within Minutes. Not For Start-Ups. Credit Line Up To $300K.


SBA Loans

The SBA doesn’t make direct loans to small businesses. SBA establishes the guidelines for small business loans, which are then made by its partners like Merchant Cash Advance 360 or other private lenders or banks. The SBA assures that these loans will be returned, thus reducing some of the risks to its lending partners.

Here’s the list top SBA loan partner offers in 2019.

Fundera SBA Loans

Rated A+ by BBB. $1+ Billion Funded. Trusted By Thousands. Get Started Now. With Interest Rates Starting at 6.5% It’s More Affordable Than Ever to Grow Your Business. 1+ Year in Business. Fast & Easy Process. 20+ Vetted Lenders. One Simple Application. Types: SBA Loans, Term Loans.


Smart Biz

Only $1,839 per month for a $150,000 loan. Trust the experts in the loan approval process. 2+ years in business, no start-ups. Fast, Easy and Secure. Types: SBA Loans, Working Capital Loans, Refinance Business Loans, Business Real Estate Loan, Commercial Real Estate.


Merchant Cash Advance 360

Best SBA Loans For Jun 2019. Get Funded And Help Your Business Grow! Get Instantly Matched with Your Ideal SBA Loans Options. Get The Money In 24hr! Min. 6 Months In Business.


Equipment Financing

If you require funding for the purchase of land, make repairs to existing facilities, purchase new equipment/machinery, or purchase commercial real estate, you should consider equipment financing.

Secured v/s Unsecured Business Loan

The primary difference between secured and unsecured loans is that a secured loan requires an asset to act as security. In other words, you need collateral. An unsecured loan has no such requirement. While there are some business loans available that require no collateral, they are not as easy to find or as readily available as a standard secured loan. It’s good to understand both options if you’re seeking business funding.

Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown

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