Trade-off your future revenues and get instant cash today. Our startup funding helps tech entrepreneurs get to the next level.

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What is a startup business?


A great idea, sole proprietorship, partnership, firm, company, etc. has no records in previous whatsoever considered as a startup business. A startup business loan refers to funding for new businesses with little to no history or working capital. One of the biggest challenges startups face is obtaining adequate capital to support their growth. About 42% of startups fail due to lack of sufficient capital. With a little financial help, new entrepreneurs can maintain inventory, hire employees, purchase equipment, and cover any additional startup costs while getting their business off the ground. Trade-off your future revenues and get instant cash today. Our startup funding helps tech entrepreneurs get to the next level.

At Merchant Cash Advance 360 Inc. we’re here to lend a helping hand with some of the best startup business loan programs. Startup loans are government-backed and charge a fixed factor rate of 1.1% per year. You can repay the loan over a period of 1 to 5 years. There’s no application fee and no early repayments. Our startup working capital programs are designed specifically with the entrepreneur in mind and provide the capital needed to get your business up and running.

Types of startup business loans

Sometimes business owners want to utilize more than one source of financing for their startup business. One of the first decisions to make when you look for external financing for your business is its type.

    • Equipment financing

    • The loans give you quick access to money and cover up to 100% of the equipment’s value. Equipment financing can be used to purchase equipment, vehicles, or machinery where equipment served as a guarantee to the loan.
    • Loan for unpaid invoices

    • This is a quick loan option - you can get 100% of unpaid customer invoices in as little as a day. You actually sell your invoices at a discounted rate in exchange for a lump sum of cash.
    • Business credit cards

    • Business credit cards are also a great alternative for a small business startup loan, you can borrow up to 100k. This also offers cashback or other rewards when you make purchases.
    • Merchant cash advance for startups

    • A loan as receiving a lump sum of cash that is repaid with a service fee on top that is a merchant cash advance loan for a startup business. Designed for business owners who need ongoing access to cash.
    • Secured Start Up Business Loans

    • A secured loan requires a pledge of assets to guarantee repayment. If the borrower defaults, then the lender seizes the property to cover the unpaid debt. Assets must equal or exceed the value of the loan.

Introduction to startup business loan


Equipment financing is a type of loan that enables you to purchase new equipment for your business by using the equipment itself as collateral, like this there are other many easy ways to get a quick cash to start a new business venture and get off the ground.

Applying for a startup business loan is even better to have a partner in business. A startup business loan is controllable, customizable and trustable option you can use instead a financing from a rude business partner.

Get ready to apply for a first business loan

With little to no cost you can easily check online how much business grants you can eligible for in your state for your startup business. This is a great idea to understand your financial standings from the beginning to make plans where you can best utilize the money.

When to apply for a startup business loan

It’s up to you when you ready though we work 24/7. Make an appointment for a coffee meeting or a callback with our friendly funding manager to discuss your plans and goals. We help you to prepare for your first business loan from start to finish on the way of guaranteed success.

Documents require to apply for business loan

  • Business Plan
  • Personal Credit Score
  • Business Licenses and Permits
  • Entity Type
  • Signed Loan Application
  • Driver's License
  • Voided Business Check

Government grants for small business loans

As you might figure, there are different eligibility requirements for different grants. In general, though, only certain types of businesses are eligible for grants. These include businesses belonging to economically disadvantaged demographics such as Native American Indian tribe members, single mothers, and veterans returning to civilian life. There are also grants for innovative businesses breaking new frontiers that benefit society—think green tech startups, doctors, and scientists.

Startup business loans for bad credit guaranteed

Finding the money to finance a startup business with bad personal credit score is one of the toughest tasks a new business owner can face. Merchant Cash Advance 360 mission is to help small business owners acquire the financing they need to reach for their dreams. We offer startup business even if you have bad credit score below 500. Startups may be required to have a business plan with a 12-month cash flow projection.

I want loan to start my business

There are a range of different ways that you can try and get funding for your small business, but many business owners opt to use Merchant Cash Advance 360 startup business loan program. It’s the easiest way to get capital if you don’t want to have to sell any of the equity in your company to investors. One of the best ways to get finance if you don’t already own a business is a small business startup loan. These loans are provided by a range of different lenders.

Prepare Your Business Plan

This may be your most important step. In order to get a small business loan from just about any lender, you have to prepare a good business plan. In fact, until you have a good business plan, chances are you won't even know how much money you need or how fast you can repay it. The business plan is in addition to the loan application required by the financial institution. Business plans consist of many parts. A good business plan will have several years of past and project financial statements for your business. It will include a statement of collateral or the type and value of assets you will use to secure the loan. You will need to include an analysis of the market your business will serve as well as a statement of your own experience.

Be ready to invest

Getting a loan will be a lot easier if you’ve invested your own money in the business. It will reduce the size of the loan you’re asking for and also reassure bankers that you’re risking your own money next to theirs. Loans that are not secured by assets often require a personal guarantee. This means your personal credit score will be a big factor in whether or not you get a loan.

Lookup your options

Look at the commercial banks available to you. Don't just go to the large, national commercial banks. You may have a better chance for a loan at the smaller regional commercial banks. Other non-bank institutions might be options for you such as credit unions. If you are a member of a local credit union, talk to the loan officer there about your need for a small business loan. If they make such loans, pick up a loan application there as well. There are other options such as microfinance loans that make loans to startups. If one lender turns you down, another may say yes to the same loan application so keep trying.

Top 5 startup business loan reviews for 2019

Here're a list of top 5 best choices for entrepreneurs in 2019 for starting a brand new business out of scratch. Starting from the lowest rate with collateral and no collateral loan option available.

    • SBA Loans for Startup Businesses
    • The Small Business Administration (SBA) is primarily known for their startup loan programs. Two SBA programs that are more startup-friendly are the Community Advantage Program and the Microloan Program. Both programs target new or underserved businesses. All SBA loan types can be used for startups, but some are difficult to qualify for if you don’t have an existing business.
    • Microloans from a Nonprofit Lender
    • For startup business owners who don’t have great credit, sufficient collateral, or a lot of other options, a nonprofit lender can be just the resource you need. These lenders have specific criteria they use when looking for borrowers. You will have to find one that matches who you are or what your business is (such as a lender looking for restaurants).
    • Amone Business Loan
    • Venture capital and angel investors – to the new entrepreneur they often sound like the easy way to fund your startup business. The reality is that venture capital is not easy to obtain. The hardest part is getting yourself in front of the right people. However, once you get that face to face, you still need to convince them that there is a huge potential upside to their investment.
    • Crowdfunding Lending Group
    • Crowdfunding is a popular option for the entrepreneur that wants to validate their target market without much commitment. Sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter allow you to solicit donations in exchange for tangible or intangible gifts. You can be creative with your tiered offerings to deliver value to donors without eating into profits.
    • Capital One Lending Group
    • Capital One capitalists are generally a group of investors that make up a company or investment firm. VCs give you money debt-free in exchange for a percentage of equity in the business, but they are also likely to take a more hands-on role in your business. A well-prepared business plan with financial projections is a must when pitching to a venture capital firm.

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