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Merchant Cash Advance Rates


We understand as a business owner you don’t have time for high-interest rates when you’re looking to expand, remodel, or make a major purchase. At merchant cash advance 360 we ask you to customize your merchant cash advance loan according to your comfort. With flexible repayment options and guaranteed lowest rate on cash advance, we’re the #1 ranked lenders in the US.

Merchant Cash Advance carries a flat fee and does not have interest accruing fees. The standard fee for a Merchant Cash Advance is $11 per $100 borrowed for a set price for five years. Taking out a cash advance has no direct impact on your credit or credit score.

How loan rates work?

    • Interest Rate

    • An interest rate is what you pay on top of what you borrow from a lender (also called the principal). Lenders charge interest so they can make a profit off letting people borrow their money. And generally speaking, the “riskier” your lender believes you are, the higher your interest rate will be.
    • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

    • The interest rate is the barebones cost of borrowing, but APR is the all-inclusive calculation. APR, or annual percentage rate, combine your interest rate with all sorts of different fees and costs associated with your business loan, many of which we’re about to go over. They’re all rolled up into one number that indicates the total cost of your loan.
    • Factor Rate

    • A factor rate is like an interest rate - but it’s usually used for cash advances and some short-term loans. While an interest rate takes the form of a percentage, a factor rate (also called a buy rate) looks like a decimal instead. You might see factor rates of 1.2 or 1.4, for example. And factor rates seem easier to deal with: you simply multiply the loan amount by the factor rate to determine what you’re paying back.

We guarantee you the lowest rate on business loan


Rates are one of the most important factors in comparing to cost of small business loans. But it’s hard to know if you’re getting a competitive rate if you don’t know what to expect. Since some business loans come with fees rather than interest. How long you take to pay back your loan also typically affects the rate. Long-term loans and lines of credit tend to have more competitive rates than short-term business loans because there’s more time for interest to add up. Lenders who offer the lowest rates like banks generally only offer long-term loans

There is no one “good rate” for everyone. It depends on what type of financing you’re looking for and also what rates you and your business are eligible for. The more of a risk lenders consider you, the higher the rate you’ll qualify for.

Why to choose Merchant Cash Advance 360?

Merchant Cash Advance 360 offers the lowest rates of any online lender. With credit score rating starting from 350+ you can qualify for up to $80,000 with easy and customizable payback structure. We accelerates things by taking the application and funding process completely online.

Interest free business loan

A merchant cash advance is an interest free business loan very popular among young and smart business owners. It is a speedy way to raise quick cash in many circumstances. With a fixed service cost on money you can get up to $150K business loan with easy structured repayment schedule. The cost on money remain same within the span of five years of $11 of every $100. The extra $11 is the service borrowing cost on money which remains same no matter you sooner you repay.

Collateral free business loan

Business usually needs fast cash for short-term expense but it does not make any sense to put your valuable assets in collateral for those short-term business loan. Merchant Cash Advance Loan is a good answer and do loans backed by your wellbeing and receivable of the business. If business has well past records of business bank transactions in sales and good scope for future sales, Merchant Cash Advance 360 is ready to take a part of risk in your business.

Local lender for New York

Since we started, Merchant Cash Advance 360 has been the best place in New York for small businesses to get quick funding. We've already arranged more than $2 billion in small business funding for thousands of companies across the U.S.

Top 5 merchant cash advance companies

It’s not unusual to need a business loan to cover expenses you can’t handle with your current budget. Seasons and circumstances change, impacting daily cash flow and your ability to support continued growth. Before approaching a lender, educate yourself on the types of loans available, the terms you can expect, and what documentation will be required to determine eligibility.

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